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Advertisnet is committed to helping our customers with quality tech support. Most of the information you need is contained in Our Current Settings.   However, if you find yourself in need of a technician's help, please don't hesitate to call us.

Phone Support is available at
573-317-0002 or toll free 888-556-0762
Our Ticketing System
Advertisnet uses a 'ticketing system' to handle its incoming technical support calls.   Upon calling us, a receptionist will create a ticket and issue you a ticket number.   Once the ticket is created, a technician will return your call as quickly as possible and try to help you resolve the problem.  Your ticket REMAINS OPEN until the receptionist calls you back to confirm that the technician has indeed solved the problem and you are satisfied with our service.  All open tickets are viewable by our entire technical support staff and management so that our talents can be pooled to resolve your problem quickly.

Creating Tickets Online - Have a tech contact you!
If your problem does not require immediate attention, then we suggest you create a ticket ONLINE by using this website.  ONLINE tickets are often handled via email to keep our phone lines open for more immediate issues.  If you would like to create a ticket, click here.   A technician will contact you shortly via phone or email depending on the nature of the ticket.

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