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NOTE: This walkthrough was made using IncrediMail Xe. You can check which version you are using by clicking the "Help" dropdown menu and selecting "About".

1). When you first open IncrediMail, the first screen you'll see is the one to your right. Simply select "Let me configure settings myself" and click "Next".
2). In the field labeled "Your name is:" type in your name. This name will appear on any and all e-mails you send. Next, in the field labeled "Your e-mail address" type in your e-mail address. Your e-mail address is your username with the suffix of @advertisnet.com, @dam.net, or @lakeozark.net (You can choose which suffix to use). (Example: If your user name is sam, and you want to use @advertisnet.com as your suffix, your e-mail address will be sam@advertisnet.com).
3). On this screen, click on the drop box labeled "My incoming mail server type is:" and select "POP3". In the field labeled "Incoming mail server:" type pop.advertisnet.com. Finally, in the field labeled "Outgoing mail server:", type smtp3.advertisnet.com and click "Next".
4). In the field labeled "Username" simply type the username given to you by your provider with NO suffix. (Example: If your username is sam, use sam). Next, in the field labeled "Password" enter the password associated with your account and click "Next" to continue.
5). Your account is setup, but there is one more task that must be done before you may start using your account. Click "Finish".
6). At the top of the IncrediMail window, click on the "Tools" dropdown menu. Next, click "Accounts".
7). On the new window that opens, highlight your e-mail account and click "Properties".
8). Click on the tab labeled "Servers".
9). On this screen, click on the box labeled "My server requires authentication" and click "OK". Congratulations! Your e-mail is now ready to use!