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1). Open the New Connection Wizard by clicking on your Start Menu, then selecting All Programs > Accessories > Communications > New Connection Wizard.
2). On the window that opens, simply click "Next".
3). Select "Connect to the Internet" then click "Next".
4). Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" then click "Next".
5). Select "Set up my connection manually" then click "Next".
6). In the field labeled "ISP Name" simply type Advertisnet (You can also substitute this with whatever name you wish to give your connection i.e. My Connection, or Family's Internet).   Click "Next" when finished.
7). In the field labeled "Phone Number", enter the access number given to you by your provider.   You can also get an access number by going to our Dial-up Number Locator.   You should get a list of all of the numbers that are local to you and try to find one that works best.   Click "Next".
8). In the field labeled "User Name", enter the username AND suffix provided by your provider or use the suffix associated with the phone number you chose from the Dial-up Number Locator.   Your username will resemble an e-mail address.   Next, enter the password associated with your user name in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields.   When you are finished, click "Next".
9). Congratulations!   You are now ready to use your new Advertisnet account!   Just click "Finish" to exit out of this window.   You can optionally check "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" to make accessing the internet easier.