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Windows Live Mail comes standard with the Windows 7 operating system, and is replacing Outlook Express and Windows Mail. (Windows Mail comes standard with the Vista Operation System). Windows Live Mail is available for free download from http://www.microsoft.com for all 3 current Microsoft operating systems (XP,Vista,7).

Please be aware that there is a webmail interface for Windows Live Mail, which only works with a hotmail email address, not your advertisnet email address. In order to use the Windows Live Mail program, instead of its webmail, you must select the Windows Live Mail program from the START button, usually under PROGRAMS. To use the webmail for your Advertisnet email account, go http://www.advertisnet.com and click on WEBMAIL.

The first time Windows Live Mail(abbreviated as WLM in these instructions) runs, it begins setting up for your email account. The following are snapshots of the setting screens.

This the first screen, substitute the userid you specified when you created your account with us for "your_userid" in the email address field. All accounts in our system have the options of using the following email suffixes after your userid, at any time, (advertisnet.com, dam.net, lakeozark.net). Enter the password for your advertisnet account in the password box, dont worry that it hides the password. Enter your name in the Display Name box.

This is the second screen. Enter the incoming and outgoing email server names. Check the box which says 'my outgoing server requires authentication'. It will pull the Login ID (userid) from the email address you entered in screen 1, it should not have a suffix in this box.

The 3rd screen is the finish button. After you click finish, it will leave you in the main WLM screen, and you can check your email with the SYNC button. It is a good idea to test your settings by sending yourself an email.

If you need to go back in and edit your settings, you can right click the Advertisnet email header right above the inbox, See this screen, and go into properties.

These are the 5 screen snapshots of the setting windows. The 5th window has the box checked 'leave a copy of mail on the server', and this should be unchecked, as it can result in your mailbox on the server filling up and email being bounced back to the sender with an 'over quota' error message'.

Setting Property Screen 1
Setting Property Screen 2
Setting Property Screen 3
Setting Property Screen 4
Setting Property Screen 5