Settings for alternate dialup network connections.

Referencing Windows XP, other operating systems may be different in configuration. Contact Advertisnet tech support at (888) 556-0762 with any questions.

Step 1. Click on Start button from desktop.

Step 2. Select Control Panel from Start menu.

Step 3. Select Network Options from Control Panel.









Step 4. From Network Connections screen, select Create a New Connection from Network Tasks menu.


















Step 5. Click Next to start New Connection Wizard.

Step 6. Select Connect to the Internet, then click Next.

Step 7. Select Set my connection Manually, and click Next.

Step 8. Select Connect using dial-up modem, and Next.

Step 9. Name the connection (Advertisnet 2 or 3 etc.)

Step 10. Enter the 7 digit number of the alternate connection.

Step 11. Example below is for Numbers to

Step 11b. Example below is for numbers to

Step 11c. Example below is for numbers to

Step 12. Click Next. On Completion screen click Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop then click Finish.

Please note that alternate numbers and their associated domain names can be obtained from and selecting Local Dial-up Number Search from the main page.

Local numbers can also be obtained by calling Advertisnet tech support at (888) 556-0762 or local (573) 317-0002.